We provide consulting services to companies that carry out transactions between related companies (have a common management, shareholders or control), whether domestic or foreign. We help companies comply with the current legal requirements, which have been implemented in accordance with the guidelines of the OECD and applicable federal laws

In order to advise them in a preventive manner and to support them with the design of the best transfer pricing policies, we maintain continuous communication with our clients. Our advice allows them to have an efficient operating model of their companies, where their transactions between related parties are properly valued, respecting the value chain of the corporate group as well as helping to design, implement, document and defend said policies. In turn, on the one hand, they control inherent risks such as fines, modification of the taxable base and unreasonable deductions and, on the other hand, they have the elements to make the best financial decisions for the business group.

We provide the following services to our clients:

  • Preparation of transfer pricing studies.
  • Transfer pricing risks diagnosis.
  • Design of transfer pricing policies that are in line with your business model.
  • Advance Price Agreements (APAs).
  • Electronic accounting for related parties advising.
  • Advise on filling out the various transfer pricing information statements.
  • Transfer pricing audits advise.
  • Tax defense on transfer pricing.

Transfer Pricing Studies: