We provide advice regarding contract administration for the oil and gas sector. For further detail on these services, please look at our section ADINCO.

Our extensive technical, administrative and legal knowledge of the oil and gas sector allows us to offer comprehensive assistance to clients interested in participating in this dynamic and challenging sector;

Management of public and government relations that enable our clients to have a better understanding of the opportunities offered by the market and likewise have access to these opportunities in a timely and preferential manner;

Assistance in the preparation and presentation of public and private tenders, through the understanding of the requirements and formalities of the bidding process and the full integration of the proposals, integration of the submission folders and analysis of unit prices to ensure greater competitiveness in line with international prices;

Our services in this field range from public and government relations, to identification and preparation of bidding processes and the analysis of technologies and their potential application in the various fields of oil and gas in the country.

Oil Business: