Budgetary and financial audit Services. Our team has broad experience in government audits and Production and Services Integrated Contracts between Pemex and private companies.

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SMPS Professional Services is an independent legal and economic entity from SMPS Legal.

If you look to internationalize your business through investment or migrate to new markets, SMPS Professional Services can help you to acquire or establish your company. SMPS Professional Services is a Firm with presence in Canada, Mexico, United States and Colombia specialized in consulting, advisory and corporate structuring covering accounting, administrative, business development and valuation, execution and financing of projects.

Aware of the challenges for international companies to enter and position themselves in a foreign market, given the current conditions on various jurisdictions and banking on the knowledge, experience and infrastructure developed in previous projects, the members of SMPS Professional Services combine their talents in benefit of the clients.

After almost two decades advising clients in the development and implementation of diverse and successful projects, the members of SMPS Professional Services opted for the integration of their various professional disciplines to offer a comprehensive service to its clients. This allows us to provide extensive consulting, reducing the risk and increasing the probability of success of the undertaken projects.

Our extensive technical, administrative and legal knowledge in the oil and gas industry enables us to offer integrated support to clients interested in participating in this dynamic and challenging sector.

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Administrative services to foreign companies for their establishment in Mexico, including permit procedures, accounting services, identification and negotiation of industrial and commercial space services. 

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