Evaluation of investment projects through a detailed analysis of the factors affecting viability, risk and general conditions of a project such as infrastructure, regulatory body, regulatory framework, etc.;

We assist companies, groups of investors and government agencies as financial advisors in infrastructure projects, investment projects, company valuations and long-term decisions;

Analysis of financial, operational and economic information, as well as the conceptual design of the applicable financial model, including a detailed projection of the initial investment and the source and application of resources, projection of costs and expenses of operation and maintenance;

We determine income for the years of operation, projection of economic, financial and operational variables, projection of financial statements (balance sheet, income statement and cash flow) and calculate corporate tax (ISR), sales tax (VAT) and other taxes;

We ensure client confidence by obtaining financial reasons and other indicators to ratify consistency and the logic of the projections, as well as constant monitoring of the model with key accounting figures to increase the technical consistency of the projections.

Financing and Project Management: