We verify that the financial, operational and administrative information presented is reliable, accurate and timely. We review that the events, phenomena and operations occur in the way they were planned to; that the policies and guidelines established have been observed and respected; that same comply with tax, legal and regulatory obligations in general. The management and operation are evaluated for maximum utilization of the resources;

Financial and budgetary audit services. Our team has extensive experience in government audits and Integrated Production and Services Contracts between Pemex and private companies;

Tax audit in response to the tax situation presented by the company to corroborate or verify it meets its tax obligations. Likewise, we objectively monitor and design the accounting in order to add value and improve an organization's operations, helping our clients meet their objectives by bringing a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the risk management, control and  governance processes;

We assist our clients with operational audits in order to fully analyze the operation of the organization and assess the systems, controls and performance thereof against the goals set by the administration. We conduct a thorough and constructive review of the organizational structure of the company and its control methods, means of operation and use given to the human and material resources;

Likewise, we have broad experience in integrated audits to determine that the audited entity acquires, protects and uses its resources (such as personnel, assets and space) economically and efficiently, identify the causes of inefficiency and whether the entity has complied with the laws and regulations applicable to its specific activity as well as in general. We have also conducted government audits to assist the top level entities to verify the various operations performed by the branches and agencies of the central, state and municipal government in fulfilling its legal obligations.

Audit and Control