On March 6th, 2015, the Mexican Tax Department (SHCP, Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público), published within the Federation official journey, the requirements to elaborate and present costs, expenses and investments; purchasing of goods and services in contracts and assignments; financing and accounting validation of the contracts as well as royalty´s update and hydrocarbons exploitation rights.

We, at SMPS, know the complexity of the information management generated in this type of contracts due to our experience performing 10 operation account and eligible expenditure audits in the last two years, identifying the opportunity this represents, we have developed a system to allow companies to Manage their Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production Contracts  (ADINCO).

ADINCO is an electronic system created to fulfill the requirements established by SHCP that allows the corporations with Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production contracts to manage the information generated during the life of the contract and guarantee its accomplishment as well as maximize its profitability.

ADINCO System Modules

• Work Program and Budget.
• Subcontracting Plan, Procurement Processes and Subcontractor’s Control.
• Automatic Registration of the Operating Account.
• Budget Control.
• Automatic generation of reports for the Mexican Petroleum Fund (SIPAC).

• Automatic generation of production, oil balance and measurement reports to the CNH.
• Automatic generation of National Content Reports.
• Management of Contract Deliverables.
• Calculation of Considerations.
• Tracking of Hydrocarbons Commercialization.
• Control of National Content.
• Control and Monitoring of Audits.
• Monitoring of the Risk Management System.
• Simulator of Profitability of Wells and Economic Variables.
• Contractual, Economic and Operational Indicators. 

All information in ADINCO is available in real time


Using the ADINCO system, our customers automatically generate electronic files that are uploaded to government dependency tools.

ADINCO generates economic, operational and contractual indicators, which assist management in making timely decisions and detecting areas of opportunity for improvement in the administration and execution of the contract.

ADINCO helps identify risks to prevent: administrative and contractual rescissions, penalties and fines applied by the regulatory entities.



​​​​Backed by extensive experience in the Latin American Region and a multidisciplinary team, SMPS offers a wide range of Contracts Management services in Mexico's energy sector, especially in Integrated Extraction and Production Contracts (CIEP), Public Work Financed (COPF) and, Hydrocarbon Exploration and Extraction Agreements (License, Shared Production, Shared Utility, Services and JOA`S).

The contract management consultancy is focused on the following strategic areas:

  • Ensure the operational continuity of the contract and its contractual compliance.
  • Optimize the rotation of working capital and the rate of conversion of expenses incurred, against the expenses presented and audited.
  • Eliminate fines for sanctions applied for contractual breaches.
  • Identify the risks of administrative and contractual rescission.
  • Budget and Work Programs Monitoring.
  • Registration of the Operating Account.
  • Ensure that Company processes are aligned with the contract.
  • To issue recommendations and policies to follow for the efficient management of the contract.
  • Identify, in conjunction with Operations Management, critical points that jeopardize the development of the contract.
  • Communication with the value chain of the company to ensure compliance with the contract.
  • Optimization administrative personnel structures to be aligned to contract requirements.
  • Follow-up of the Risk Management System of ASEA.
  • Consultancy in the procurement of materials for consolidated purchases.
  • Control and management of National Content.